Home Sandgate Propellers News Grab Your Partners, it’s the Valentines Day Double: 20th Feb

Few things are more effective than a facelift when preparing for Valentine’s Day, and that’s exactly what Doubles Day is about to get.

For some time now our doubles numbers have been dwindling on the 2nd Saturday of the month. We acknowledge that organising a partner and a K2/TK2 is a bit more complicated than turning up with your single.

SOOO… Wisdom and intellect (Lawrie and Melissa) have joined forces to bring you a brilliant doubles day revival:

  • Everyone has been allocated a paddling partner based on… well, based on whatever scientific paddling criteria Wisdom (Lawrie) deems most relevant! Don’t worry, it’s not a blind date. You will find out who in due course (before the day) so you can start discussing tactics.
  • A stocktake has been done of all TK2’s available to the club, and it appears that all teams can be provided with a boat. BYO Paddle!
  • The handicap time trial will be run as normal.

IMPORTANT: Because of the tides this event will happen on 20th Feb – the 3rd Saturday. Singles Time Trial and Doubles Time Trial will swap weeks.

You’ll love it! Organisers of the 365 day challenge will also be watching closely to see if this format is a viable proposition for our club’s famous TK race. With so few TK1 paddlers (and owners) left in our ranks it is possible that a doubles format might be a better option.