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Now is the time to Order for Winter…

Prices of new items are as follows:


  • Long Sleeve Polo Shirt (yellow or orange): $47.50
  • Short Sleeve Polo Shirt (yellow or orange):  $42.90.


  • Waterproof Vest Black with Gold Lining:  Sizes XS to 3XL $37.60
  • Warm Winter Coat, black with Furry Inside Lining:  Sizes S to XL, costing $150.00 depending on how many coats/vests are ordered.

A note about sizes: The coat sizes are quite ample so you should check with a member who already has one.  A normally Medium sized person may fit into a Small coat, so please check.

You might get a refund of $10.00 or so ,if we can get a bulk order of 10 winter coats.

It would be wise for you to wear your coat over the cold months when you need it and I can get the printing done later during the warmer months.

Having your name SCC and logo printed on the coat or vest is optional and will cost extra but then no one would accidentally walk away with it.

I would prefer that you hand me your order in an envelope or post it to me, clearly showing the size, etc.  Payment can be cash or cheque to me or direct payment to the club account.



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