Sandgate Canoe Club – A Place for Every Paddler

There are a variety of ways to wield a paddle, and our club encourages members to explore the different facets of our sport. Within the club we have three groups who share a love of paddling, but practice it in quite different ways.

As we are based in Shorncliffe, we have easy access to a variety of waterways such as Moreton Bay, the creeks of the Boondall Wetlands and the Pine River. Members can participate in a range of different paddles according to their interest and ability level. We are a very friendly club with an active social committee.

The Sandgate Propellers – Our racing group

Drop by the Yundah St ramp at sunrise, and you are likely to encounter members of our racing division in  training. This group is focuses on fitness and technique, training mainly in the local Cabbage Tree/Nundah Creek reaches. However competition takes some of them much further afield. Throughout the year, members can participate in in-house, inter-club and state competitions, and our club has a proud tradition on the podium at such events. Interested? Find out more!

Go Places with the Sea Kayak Group 

Our active sea kayak group is passionate about the challenge and adventure of the open water. These paddlers train regularly to hone the skills which are essential for their trips throughout the Bay and surrounding islands. Our club has a strong contingent of highly experienced sea paddlers, who assist newer members to take on the open water with confidence and safety. Their expeditions venture through some of the region’s most beautiful natural scenery and can involve camping overnight.

Our Estuary Paddling Group – the Relaxed Approach

Why the rush? Some paddlers prefer a gentler pace, and the chance to take in some scenery along our local creeks and rivers – it’s still great exercise, you know. Our social Estuary Paddling Group meets regularly for casual outings, using stable craft on flat, safe waters. For new paddlers, this approach offers an easy, enjoyable introduction to the sport. It is also ideal for those who wish to build their fitness gradually… or people who just like a relaxed paddle for enjoyment’s sake.

Of course for some, there can never be too much paddling, and these lucky individuals take part in the activities of all three groups from time to time. They have very understanding spouses.

So why join a club?

The benefits of joining Sandgate Canoe club include the opportunity to:
  • paddle safely with insurance provided by Australian Canoeing
  • participate in basic skills training
  • meet other paddlers with knowledge about our local waterways
  • get advice about craft, equipment, or trips from experienced members
  • participate in club paddles to a range of destinations (published in our club newsletter) and on-line calendar
  • take part in more advanced training courses
  • use club equipment for a nominal maintenance fee until you are able to equip yourself – guidelines apply
  • become an associate member of Volunteer Marine Rescue
  • join the many social events we organise

On the first Saturday of each month, we all paddle from Allpass Parade Shorncliffe, at Yundah Street Boat Ramp, from 6am-8am. Drop by the “picnic table” for a chat! Or, if you would like specific information about the club and membership, please click here.