Sandgate Propellers are the flat water training and racing division of Sandgate Canoe Club. We meet up to four times a week throughout the year for training exercises, mainly in the reaches of Nundah Creek and Cabbage Tree Creek.

Many of us enjoy competing at some level whether it be socially as part of our famous in-house King Billy Cup Time Trial Series, or more seriously at inter-club, state and national marathon events.

Our motivated, enthusiastic group follows structured programs aimed at building race fitness and boat skills. Within our ranks are qualified coaches and highly experienced paddlers. They give freely of their time and knowledge to assist members in meeting their goals and are adept at involving paddlers of all levels and craft (K1’s, TK1’s, open skis etc).

Sandgate Propellers are a great paddling option for busy, active people who like a challenge, but perhaps do not have half a day to commit to sea kayak adventuring. An average training session takes between 1- 1.5 hours.

We are a social and inclusive bunch, and are proud of our group that ranges in age from 13 to 80-something! Come down and see us at Yundah St ramp or get in touch by email!

Racing Results

King Billy Cup 2015/16

King Billy Cup 1: October 8 2015

Winner: Peter K (SUP); H/C – 00.00; Time – 37.49

Fastest Time: Bevan (O/Ski); H/C – 13.15; Time – 25.57

KB No 1 8 10 15

King Billy Cup 2: November 5 2015

Winner: Lincoln (SUP); H/C – 04.00; Time – 31.52

Fastest Time: Gavin (K1); H/C – 13.15; Time – 25.31

KB No 2 5 11 15

King Billy Cup 3: November 19 2015

Winner: Scott C (SUP); H/C – 0.00; Time – 37.14

Fastest Time: Paul (K1); H/C – 12.00; Time – 26.22

KB no3 19 11 15

King Billy Cup 4: December 3, 2015

Winner: Armand (K1); H/C – 10.30; Time – 27.39

Fastest Time: Paul (K1); H/C – 12.00; Time – 27.07

KB no4 3 12 2015

King Billy Cup 5: December 17, 2015

Winner: Polyn.6 (O/R x 6); H/C – 5.30; Time – 33.04

Fastest Time: Gavin (K1); H/C – 13.30; Time – 25.31

KB no5 17 12 2015

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King Billy Cup 6: January 7 2016

Winner: Kaye (TK1); H/C – 3.00; Time – 34.10

Fastest Time: Gavin (K1); H/C – 12.30; Time – 24.53

KB no6 7 1 2016

State Marathon Championships 2015

The State Marathon Championships were held on Saturday 8th and Sunday 9th August at Varsity Lakes. Congratulations to all members who took part, with a particularly loud cheer for “Propeller Sisters” Melissa Bull and Colleen Hobdell (1st WTK2), Lawrie Fagan (3rd MK1), Tina Effeney (3rd WTK1), Gavin Cook (1st MK2), Paul Lange and Armand le Roux (2nd MK2) and Cameron Mason (1st MTK1 U16).

For more information about the State Championship results, please click here.

Northern Marathon Series 2015

The Northern Marathon Series is now complete and final points scores are in. Congratulations to Tina Effeney (1st – WTK1 YV), Cameron Mason (1st – MTK1 JU14) and Lawrie Fagan (2nd – MK1 V) who placed in their events!

To see results from each of the 8 NMS races and the final overall points for clubs and individuals please click here.

What’s On: Training and Racing

The Sandgate Propellers currently meet on the following days for paddling training sessions. A variety of times are available to suit differing schedules. All sessions leave from Yundah St Boat Ramp unless otherwise indicated.

Day Session/Event Details
 Tuesday 5.30am group
7.00am group – 12km return paddle to bridge
 Thursday 5.30am group
7.00am group – 12km return paddle to bridge *
1st Saturday/month 7.00am – All racers session: endurance/x training
2nd Saturday/month 7.00am – Doubles day: 12km time trial
3rd Saturday/month 7.00am – Singles 12km time trial
4th Saturday/month 7.00am – Technique training
Sunday 7.00am – All racers recovery paddle
This Thursday 13th October: King Billy Time Trial Series – Heat 1

Saturday 15th October: Singles Time Trial @ Yundah St Boat Ramp – All Welcome


Home Grown Racing Events

King Billy Cup Time Trial Series

Through the Spring and Summer months, Sandgate Propellers conduct a series of 10 handicap time trials known as the King Billy Cup. The heats are contested on every second Thursday afternoon in Cabbage Tree and Nundah Creeks over a 5km course. The King Billy Cup is open to paddlers of all craft and abilities, both members and non-members. Everyone is welcome! Read more…

Wetlands Wander

Set against the backdrop of Brisbane’s famous Boondall Wetlands (and home of the Sandgate Canoe Club) the Wetland Wander is our premier annual marathon racing event. Paddlers come from as far as Maryborough to Coffs Harbour to contest the race, which is held in May and forms part of the competitive Northern Marathon Series. Read more…

365 Day Challenge

There is no excuse for missing this race: you have a full 12 months to prepare! What started as a challenge between two friends has become a club institution. These days anyone can be a challenger in the 11.5km race to the Gateway Arterial Bridge and back. Are you up to it? Read more…

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